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by admin on June 25, 2010

What better than pills water purification for hiking?

I will be hiking and camping at Yosemite National Park come July 4. I have not, nor will I buy an expensive filter to clean the river there. My question is this: I read about and Katadyn Potable Aqua Micropur pills / tablets and want to know what pills are best for us? Potable Aqua I know that leaves a funny taste behind, but that can be cured with light or glass Gatorade. I have my doubts as Potable Aqua and protozoan cryptosporidium is not, nor are they intended for use against viruses! This scares me, but crysptosporidia protozoa and viruses water in rivers in Yosemite? Maybe not apply to them? For Micropur Katadyn, destroys bacteria and viruses in 15 minutes, Giardia in 30 minutes and four Cryptosporidia hours. So basically, my wife and I had to wait four hours for drinking water to ensure that the Cryptosporidia is killed? For me, this sounds like a awefully long time to wait to drink water? Please help us.

For the protozoa … Katadyn is probably your best bet. Protozoa are resistant to iodine and chlorine (they do a pretty good job of killing bacteria and viruses). Boiling water is the best way to take care of the protozoa, followed by filtration. But if all you have then Katadyn tablets are it is. And I think the time of 4 hours of waiting and cold water is dirty. While the hot water of course is 30 minutes.

Katadyn Hiker Pro Water Filter Demo

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