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by admin on August 9, 2010

Can you replace the black carbon as natural water purification?

I used to remember our old water purifier in the early '80s 'S. When I opened it, I discovered that our water filter containing carbon black? So if I wanted to shovel snow in front of the entrance and place shoveling snow in a barrel for conservation of water, snow can be filtered (left melts) if carbon black threw in a barrel and poured over him snow or be wiser to use the purification method cholorox place?

Well, hope you have a lot of snow! Because it takes a great amount of snow to make an appreciable amount of water. In addition, coal is not used for filtering, which is the charcoal (and on, at that), which is totally different. Ask A Scientist: "I do not think coal is used for water filtration. However, activated carbon (AC) is used and is excellent in that regard. In fact, AC, since small particles have a surface as large, sometimes given to patients who have ingested certain types of poisons. CA works by adsorbing providing materials and immobile on the surface of coal particles in interstitial pore. That's why it's so good in the purification of water – particularly to improve the taste and odor. Along the way, good as it is, does not destroy the pathogens. That requires material such as chlorine, ozone or ultraviolet light. "Maybe Once that water should be reserved only for watering plants and washing the dog and car?

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