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by admin on August 9, 2010

How I can wash a water filter?

I took a water filter hiking in a garage sale. its a simple one with a pump and a tube at each end, one goes to your bottle of water, the other goes in the river / the dirty water. I wonder how I can solve the problem? I took the pump apart and theres what looks like a filter hot tub, but smaller, of course, and has a plastic wrap around it that you can take off. I need to get a new tub filter hot or plastic film or what? if it is expensive to buy the filter, i wouldnt be better just to buy a new set?

You definitely should buy a new filter for it (which are only good for so many gallons and you probably do not know the last time has been replaced). Take your local sports / outdoor store and should be able to tell you what you need depending on the brand, size, age, etc. .. The filters are not cheap, however, it may be worthwhile if you plan on using it a lot, to get a brand new one that will last longer and is more technologically advanced.

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