What is waterwise

Plants and turf are healthier if you water them in accordance with their needs. Turfgrass and ornamentals develop deeper and stronger root systems with proper watering.

Native or adapted plants usually require less maintenance.

Proper irrigation means less run-off of fertilizer. If it flows down the street, it’s not helping your plants.

Less water for irrigation may mean a lower water bill.

For the Environment…   For the Community…


Less run-off means healthier rivers and streams.  Steady or increased river flows mean a healthier river and bay aquatic community.

Overall decreased water use and a drop in peak water use mean forestalling or avoiding building new drinking water and wastewater treatment plants.

Our aim is to promote sound water conservation practices by trying to foster awareness of the value of sound water management.

We further aim to offer insightful information to nursery industry professionals, municipalities, and water management entities who agree to espouse and promote water-wise landscaping, gardening, and irrigation principles.

Other interested parties might include, governmental entities, educational institutions, service leagues, educational personnel,or individuals who agree to espouse and promote these same principles using the capabilities of their organizations and professions.